The world of STEM was opened to a group of young people in Years 9, 10 and 11 from local schools, who joined us on our Uxbridge Campus to find out more about this in-demand and fast-growing sector and gain a taste of life as an engineer. 
Over the course of the day and in collaboration with the Engineering Development Trust (#TheEDTUK), we were really pleased to host the future of STEM talent at the West London Institute of Technology’s (WLIoT) flagship building on our Uxbridge Campus. 
The day began with an insight into the study programme and apprenticeship routes that are available to prepare for careers in STEM, as well as a focus on the importance of employability skills. These essential skills, that employers look for, are part of the courses that we offer to ensure our students are well prepared for the world of work. 
The students headed off to get involved in an exciting practical project supported by our industry-experienced lecturers in our motor vehicle workshop, with all the kit and equipment you would see in a working garage. They were shown the basics of checking over a car, repairing a tyre as well as the differences between petrol, hybrid and electric engines. With the new technology involved in maintaining and servicing electric vehicles, we have invested in our own electric car and a CarTrain so students develop the skills that will be in demand over the next few years. 
Meanwhile, in our engineering workshops, students were finding out more about 3D printing, 3D scanning, AI technology and drones we have in the workshops. They were put to work and even built a hydraulic excavator and a hand crank generator! Afterwards, they also took part in a miniature F1 race using cars made from high-density foam, machined using a CNC mill. 
It was great to see the group in action, working away and problem solving – just as we see our students do regularly and we hope they enjoyed participating in the day as much as we did hosting them. 
Thanks to @TheEDTUK for setting up a fantastic programme providing young people with the opportunity to discover the range of options available and information on how they can access high-level technical skills and qualifications at Level 4 & 5 through further education colleges and Institutes of Technology. 
Through the government’s further education White Paper: Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth we know that technical courses can lead to better career outcomes with men and women earning more on average than those with a degree. This just highlights the value that Level 4 & 5 qualifications bring to the employment market and how they support employers’ needs to recruit a workforce with higher technical qualifications and skills. 
The future for STEM graduates really is exciting! 
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