HND Computing Plus Graduate: Jay Pankhania
Jay completed his HND in Computing Plus.  

Why did you choose to study this course at West London IoT, Uxbridge College? 

The course I studied was BTEC Level 5 HND in Computing Plus because it fitted in perfectly with my career aims. It allowed me to gain some insight into the different career paths that were available such as networking, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and project management. 

What skills and knowledge did you learn from your course? And have these been useful in helping you progress in your career? 

The knowledge I gained from doing this course provided me with a foundation of skills that I think are valuable for my career. 
When studying, I learnt a great deal about prioritising and managing my time. This played a huge part as I had to learn to juggle different priorities and work on several modules simultaneously. 
The course introduced me to new technologies that were available such as Microsoft Azure and was able to get hands-on experience with using these technologies. It has broadened my knowledge and understanding of what opportunities were available once I had completed the course. 
CompTIA vendor qualification training was useful as it enabled us to focus on building the foundation of tech knowledge and become familiar with computer hardware and software. CompTIA qualifications holds ISO/ANSI accreditation status, which means that the certification is trusted by employers worldwide. 

What did you enjoy about your computing course? 

I enjoyed the range of topics that were covered in the course as it allowed me to gain an insight into the fundamentals elements in the different career paths. 
I also enjoyed taking part in the cisco courses (Cisco Introduction to Cybersecurity, Cisco Cybersecurity Essentials, and Cisco IoT) through Net Academy as well as being able to have hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure.he lectures and assignments were well prepared and informative as well the constructive feedback that was given throughout to help improve our work. 

Information on projects you worked on  

I had the chance to take on an artificial intelligence project. The aim of this project was to research the impact artificial intelligence had on businesses. 
The key takeaways from managing this project was learning how to plan, budget, prioritise, which helped to ensure that the aims and objectives were met. By undertaking this module, it allowed me to develop the key skills required for managing a project which will benefit me in my career in the future. 
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