HND Computing Graduate: Aaron Joseph-Thomas

Why did you choose to study at West London IoT, Uxbridge College? 

Studying at West London IoT played a vital role in my final year at university and made me much more prepared to undertake a degree. By completing the Access Computing course it allowed me to gain greater knowledge and information about computer system topics that I enjoy. After completing the Access course I decided to go to Brunel University, but struggled with the course exams. I decided to go back to West London IoT to complete the HND course which helped with the preparation of going to University by teaching modules which helped to improve my writing skills and preparing me to undertake my thesis at University. The HND course also had really interesting topics that I enjoyed which included networking, programming and web design. The teachers went through the topics at a good pace and would go over sections if we did not understand. The help and knowledge provided from the teachers from the HND course at West London IoT was so helpful and thanks to what I have learned, I was able to achieve a 1st class at university. 

Interesting projects that I worked on during my time at the College 

The project which I really enjoyed was networking as it allowed for a better understanding of how computers communicate with each other and how to create different network topologies, and how data is sent is around the world, and the technology which is used to secure data. The information is very useful as we live in a technology driven society and as more devices connect to the internet, networking is a crucial work field and it was great to be taught this project at West London IoT complete by creating a virtual network. 

Knowledge that I have gained from my Computing & IT Course 

I really enjoyed programming and web development. The skills that I learned were better time management, and being able to structure my work more professionally as well improving my overall writing skills in the process. By following the point, proof and comment rule it allowed to add weight for the paper I was writing. This played a important role during my final year at University when it came to writing my dissertation. 

My advice to current & future students 

There are a variety of different subjects related to computing, therefore my best advice is to explore the different topics available to see which ones you like the most. It was a lot of trial and error for me but there will be subjects that you will enjoy and don't enjoy. Finding the right one will only come with time and once you find it, I would suggest learning as much as you can so it becomes a daily routine so you can retain the information. 
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