West London IoT has the best lecturers around, who have the industry knowledge and experience to ensure you gain the skills needed by employers. Digital lecturers will be teaching full-time and part-time HNC and HND courses that are designed in partnership with our employer partners and Brunel University London.  
We have interviewed computing lecturer Sam Al-Jajjoka, so you can find out a bit more about who may be teaching you. 

How long have you been teaching? 

"I completed a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering at University of Hull and International Executive MBA at University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. In addition, I worked in the IT industry in Europe (Germany) and UK for a number of years. I taught at Hull University for 5 years and have been at HCUC for 18 years." 

What courses do you teach? 

"I teach mainly Computer Networking, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing." 

What is your previous industry experience? 

"I have authored several books, published many International papers and I am a member of the Expert Panel responsible for writing Pearson BTEC HN Computing in 2016 and Pearson BTEC HN Cloud Computing in 2020. I have nearly 17 years’ experience as Edexcel Examiner (nationally and internationally) for Higher Nationals and inspect centres are operating quality assurance to the right standards in the UK and South East Asia. 
In addition, I have worked in different capacities in different projects with several universities including: Bucks New University on the “Advisory Committee” board for the Faculty of Technology in developing foundation degrees, Brunel University London as part UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI), as well as Reading University developing/delivering foundation degrees. I am currently Course Team Leader for running all HNC/HND programmes in School of IT and Computing and responsible for running the Cisco academy." 
Digital Industry Experience
Computing and Cyber Security

What do you enjoy about teaching your courses? 

"Teaching is the best job, especially when you teach subjects you are interested in. I enjoy every bit of my job, and feel enormous satisfaction and joy watching students light up with excitement of learning, and break out of their shells and become more than they were. It has its ups and downs but on the whole it’s fulfilling when you help adults to leave College with decent knowledge and experience and know they have a future." 

What piece of advice do you have for students looking to get into a career in computing? 

"As every aspect of business and commerce becomes more reliant on computing, the demand for technologically minded individuals is increasing at a huge rate. This is great for our current HNC/HND computing students as they enter the industry at a very exciting and lucrative time. However, the key to acquiring the holy grail of a well-paid grade scheme place is experience: temporary jobs at small companies, freelance work, internship or our HNC projects with Heathrow. Experience is sought after by potential employers, and is what sets apart graduates fighting for competitive places." 

What projects can the students get stuck into? 

"Students on HNC/HND are required to undertake a project and choose their own research topic based on a theme provided by Pearson (this will change annually). Take for example the Pearson-set theme for use in 2018-19 (Artificial Intelligence), 2019-20 (Digital Wellbeing) and 2020-21 (Internet of Things). 
In addition as part of West London Institute of Technology, our HNC students’ undertake another project in groups with our Partner Heathrow airport. Prizes are rewarded to the winners annually, as judged by the prize committee." 

What skills and experience do you expect students to have once they finish your course? 

"As part of HNC/HND Computing programmes we offer our students opportunities for Cisco CCNAv7, Cisco Introduction to Cybersecurity, Cisco Cybersecurity Essentials, Cisco IoT, etc module certifications through Net Academy for free. In addition, students will have access to Microsoft Azure to host their web apps and websites with the power of the Microsoft Cloud at no cost. We help our students to become Network and Cybersecurity professionals who can build, protect and defend an organisation’s network in-house or in the cloud." 

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