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One of Twelve Institutes of Technology in the UK  

Institutes of Technology are prestigious, unique higher education providers, backed by £290 million of government investment. Each Institute of Technology represents a partnership between colleges, universities and employers within the STEM sector. Check out the national IoT website. 

Our Mission 

We create choice, opportunities and success. Your future is our priority. 

Our Vision 

At the heart of the West London Institute of Technology will be ‘design engineering’, a concept incorporating a multidisciplinary approach across engineering, digital and construction sectors to develop the future higher level skills of individuals to solve real world problems for employers to improve productivity and add economic value in west London, London and beyond. 
West London IoT Mission, Vision & Values

Our Values:  

Commitment to excellence

Commitment to excellence: 

First choice for students, staff, parents and employers 
Challenge, encourage, support and praise students and staff to strive for excellence in everything they do 
High Expectations

High Expectations: 

Unlock student potential - including preparing them for the skills of the future 
High expectations of leadership, staff, students, parents and external stakeholders 
Enterprising and Responsive

Enterprising and Responsive: 

Create a culture of aspiration, creativity and innovation 
Maintain learning at the heart of what we do 
Promote and engage students and staff in the world of work 
Diverse and Inclusive

Diverse and Inclusive: 

Meet the needs of all students as they progress 
Ensure that respect and tolerance underpins staff and student engagement within the wider college community. 
Maximise opportunities for all staff and students 
Strong and Effective Leadership

Strong and Effective Leadership: 

Ensure success through inspiring and engaged leadership 
Listen, respect and value contributions from internal and external stakeholders 
Create leaders and professionals for the future (students and staff) 


Adapt to meet the changing needs of students, employers and communities we serve 
Promote environmental sustainability throughout the institution 
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